SF3D S.A.F.S. Super Armoured Fighting Suit

Super Armoured Fighting Suit by Nitto from their SF3D (Machine Kriger) series. It's 1/20th scale. A relatively simple kit to build and turned out very well....

Mar 22, 2015
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GLAUG from Robotech

Bandai's 1/100 GLAUG from the Macross (Robotech in North America). This is the Officer version of the Zentradi Battle Pods....

Sep 14, 2014
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I built Zvezda's ISU-152 out of the box. ...

Jun 24, 2014
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This is Dragon's IS-2m Stalin heavy tank. I built it out of the box with just a few modifications (removed the front fender sections, a little battle damage). I painted the white stripes by masking. I used a "post shading" technique to break up the monotone green of Russian armour. Weathering was done primarily with oil filters and washes....

Jun 23, 2014
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I painted this guy to represent a foot soldier during the crusades. The figure is a 54mm (about 1/35) size. I experimented with some oil washes and shading on the tabard....

Jun 23, 2014
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This is Monograms OA-4M. I used an aftermark sheet to mark it as an Aircraft of VF-126 Bandits. I used Hasegawa's weapon set to arm it with two Shrike and three rocket pods....

Jun 09, 2014
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Space Hulk

The last images transmitted from the Space Hulk 8571A45 Shortly after all contact was lost from the Beta Squad First Company of the Howling Gryphons Chapter sent to investigate. Five minutes after contact lost the Gryphons Battle Barge opened up with a full broadside destroying the Hulk....

Oct 03, 2013
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Imperial Guard 3rd Squad/5th Company/5061st Special Operations Regiment

Sgt Mortem and squad move out from an recently attacked Adeptus Mechanicus research station in search of unknown enemies. Whey were dispatched to investigate a loss of contact.

The vignette is lit by LED's and the access control panel has a flasher circuit to depict some blinking status lights. ...

Oct 03, 2013
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Heavy Support Sentinal

I took Three Sentinel kits and combined them into a single four legged walker. The heavy support sentinel is designed to provide medium - close range support in urban settings. It is armed with a Battle Cannon, two LasCannon and a Heavy Flamer and Storm bolder for close in anti-personnel defense....

Oct 03, 2013
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Mop Up

An Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon team mop up the straglers from a Tau invasion force. After the Taros Incursion the Tau were over confident and attempted to annex the nearby start system of Urdon. A rapid (by Imperial standards) response ensured that a repeat of the Taros campaign would not occur.

Col. Schmieriger took direct control and is seen here dispatching one of the last tau stragglers while the squad covers him....

Sep 30, 2013
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Trumpeter's KV-II. Its a good kit, easy to assemble has decent details and the link and length track has the sag molded in....

Finished it in typical russian green, some light weathering (lets face it... these broke down pretty quickly in '41)... ...

Sep 30, 2013
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Four Warhammer Dwarf Warriors I picked up and painted in an evening......

Sep 30, 2013
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Iron Man Mk III

This is Mobeus Iron Man Kit. I reworked the pose as I didn't like the very stiff look of the kit. It was molded clear which made lighting it easier. ...

Sep 30, 2013
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ATM-03 Fatty Ground Custom

This is Bandai's kit from the Armoured Trooper Votoms Anime series. The fit and engineering of the kit is flawless.

I added a bit of battle damage and applied a bit of weathering. I didnt' want to go to overboard on this one as it looks just so cool as it is....

Sep 30, 2013
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CF-104 Starfighter

This is Monograms F-104G done up as a Canadian CF-104 Tiger Meet bird. Add to this build is an Aries resin Cockpit set and Two Bob's CF-104 Decals.


Sep 30, 2013
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