Woody Fox

woody fox gay

The Power Top, Woody Fox, has starred in many films, including the popular Disney film. The former Australian teen idol is currently based in London and has worked as a circus artist. He is also popular for fucked on a coffin. The scene is a big hit with parents, with kids flocking to the theater to see this sexy performer. To get the feel of the film, watch the trailer below!

The film starts out with Woody attempting to sneak in some alcoholic drinks. He finds Nic drunk and struggling with his keys, so he offers to drive him home. He fucks Nic with his tears, eats his bubble butt, and sits on his belly. In the final scene, he lowers his perfect ass and slams his huge cock. In the subsequent scenes, he is unable to resist himself from destroying the buck’s massive cock.

The raunchier, bearded Fox has revealed trade secrets about the sex industry and his sexy kink. In a yellow-lined harness and open-assed athletic shorts, Josh conjures up a spit-slick blowjob on the sexy sex star. The sexy pair are then forced to go through a series of intimate moves until Woody shoves his face deep into Josh’s crack.

Woody Fox with Pierce Paris

Then, the sexy Woody Fox comes to play with Pierce Paris, a professional athlete. When he visits Dr. Dorian Ferro, he asks the cocky which position he plays on the football team. The cocky grins in anticipation as the doctor cups his balls. Then, the dick is ripped out of his crotch, and Woody slams him to the ground.

While working, Woody fox hits the outdoor showers in the campground. He notices Seth Santoro naked under the water. He reveals his swelling cock, and invites Seth to help him wash his back. The two of them get a kiss on the lips and start a fling. While kissing, they rub each other’s cheeks and spit on their faces. Then, they stand up and fling their lips, allowing the other to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

The characters are always the best. Woody has the most enticing cock in the world. While he is not as big as Seth, he does have a giant cock. This is a fantastic way to make a guy’s night. And, while he is trying to attract a man’s attention, he’ll get a foxy in the process. The two of them will make each other laugh.

Jeremy is the best housemate in the world. His sexy body and enviable dick make him a great target for men and women alike. A little bit of Woody’s fucksticks make him a hottie and the best housemate in the world. In this hilarious clip, he tells his housemate to sit on his giant cockcock, and he blows!

Woody Fox
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